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Popular Bar Terms Every Man Should Know | Learn Bartender Terminology

Bar Terminology, Lingo – Hello Readers, this article is rather interesting one. This is pretty much basic 10 Popular Bar Terms every man should know or has to know. When you started drinking at the bar, you would probably hear people using terms to order drinks like straight up, dry, on the rocks, eyes or dirty. You might know some of these terms, but let’s talk about some of the Bar Terminology. We are going through some of the things you may hear into a bar, so you will know what you are talking about the way to order drinks properly.

Bar Terms & Slang You Should Know

Checkout following Common Bar Terms & Terminology Glossary. So next time you are ordering at the bar you can look totally cool and confident. but more importantly, so you can understand what you’re putting in your body and feel in complete control.

Here are pretty much some of the main Bar Terms & Bartender Terminology that you should know when you go to the bar or at a home cocktails. It will definitely keep you from embarrassing yourself if someone asks you how you want your drink and you give them a very confused look.

Bar Terminology

Bar Terminology – Source

Bartender Terminology / Lingo

Neat – It usually means right from the bottle into the glass. A single spirit or alcohol served without ice, water or any other interference.

Straight Up – It refers chilled drink, either stirred or shaken in the cocktail shaker with ice. And then strained so there is no ice in the serving glass but the liquid will be cold it is called straight up.

Dry & Dirty Martini – Mostly these terms used while ordering a martini. Martini typically has Gin, Vodka or Vermouth, if it’s a ‘Dirty Martini’ Olive juice the dirtier the martini the more olive juice it has, and the ‘Dry Martini’ has less vermouth. In short Dry means less sweet in beverage talks.

Shots – a shot basically has 30ml of alcohol and if you order two shots that’s 60ml. So if you are ordering a drink with 60ml of alcohol understand you are drinking alcohol equals to two shots.

Chaser – it is basically something that will help to get rid of the bitter taste in your mouth from the alcohol. A chaser is either a mixed drink or plane drink.

Shooters – You’ve seen different colored liquids in skinny tubes that are shooters and they have alcohol combined with either cream or juice.

House Drinks & Top Shelf Drinks – If you’re asked for what kind of alcohol you want you to have basically two options. The first option is House Drinks which are basically lower brand alcohols or the main liquor the bar has in stock. The second option is Top Shelf Drinks which is more premium alcohol the bar stocks on its top shelf; so there is clearly a difference in price and also might be the difference in taste.

Frozen & On The Rocks – Let’s say you get a margarita you can either have it frozen or on the rocks. Rocks basically refer to ice cubes so it is poured on ice cubes it’s ‘On The Rocks’ if it’s blended with ice and looks like smoothie it’s frozen.

And there you have it, the crash course in Bar Terminology & Bartending Terms. If you are the more seasoned drinker and are very specific about how you like your drink; you will need a whole new set of language skills and slangs used in the bar.


So because you stick with us at this point, here is a tip. If you are making the drink at home and not going out in a bar, you should know when to stir and when to shake your cocktail. Basically, the rule is if there is fruit juice in it shake it, and if there is no fruit juice or no other alcohol other than sugar and water, stir it.

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